key questions

JanuszA.Urbanowicz JanuszA.Urbanowicz
Mon Sep 10 10:54:01 2001

Johannes Graumann wrote/napisał[a]/schrieb:
[There is text before PGP section.]

> I created (largely following the default) a 1024D signing
> key with a 2048g encryption subkey. I wonder whether I have to
> submit both resulting public keys to a keyserver (should be
> necessary so that people can verify signature AND send me
> encrypted communication?)?
> Can I only generate a revokation certificate for the
> complete set or is it possible to generate one for the
> subkey (command?)?
Yes, it is possible to revocate a subkey. Alex -- Janusz A. Urbanowicz | ALEX3-RIPE | SF-Framling | Thawte Web Of Trust Notary Gdy daję biednym chleb, nazywają mnie świętym. Gdy pytam, dlaczego biedni nie mają chleba, nazywają mnie komunistą. - abp. Helder Camara