GnuPG + GPA + GdataPlugin Problems

Tom Schoettle Tom Schoettle" <
Mon Sep 10 16:04:01 2001

Hello All,

just downloaded the Gdata Plugin with GnuPG + GPA and installed it on Win98SE with Outlook2000 and 
Win2000Pro with Outlook2000. Both installations show a error dialog after key generation saying "no valid private 
key". The main window says that I just succesfully generated a key. This happens if I want to generate a backup 
key automatically and specify a directory. The info box for the generation of a backup key also states that two 
files are created: a public and a secret file. I only get the public part generated in the specified directory!

The error message is not there if I choose to create a backup key later. 

How do I create a backup of the secret key with GPA? 

Thanks for any help,