Automatic update of keyring

Tom Nott
Wed Sep 12 07:16:01 2001

On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 08:28:26AM -0400, Dave Chapeskie wrote:

> alias gpg-update-all 'gpg --with-colons --fast-list-mode --list-keys |
> awk -F: '\''$1=="pub" {print $5}'\'' | sort -u
> | xargs -n 20 gpg --recv-keys'
I thought I'd post this for the bash users who might benefit from it: alias gpg-update-all='gpg --with-colons --fast-list-mode --list-keys | '\ 'awk -F: '\''$1=="pub" {print $5}'\'' | sort -u | '\ 'xargs -n 20 gpg --recv-keys' The above three lines should go in your ~/.bash_profile. Very neat solution, Dave. I think, though, that this functionality would be best implemented in gpg itself. Even if it isn't, thanks for a great program, Werner. -- Tom Should the phrase "anal retentive" be hyphenated, or not? --