Split private Key

matt matt@cipherdesign.com
Wed Sep 12 10:46:01 2001

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Averroes wrote:

> Any ideas for splitting and rebuilding Private key
Use dd(1). Say the key is 1000B: $ dd if=key.file of=key.file.1 bs=300 count=1 $ dd if=key.file of=key.file.2 bs=300 skip=1 count=1 $ dd if=key.file of=key.file.3 bs=300 skip=2 Will give you 3 parts of the key. (Using skip to jump over previous bits, not specifying count for the last part so we get the rest of the file, not just 300B).
> (be sure, with no damages) will be appreciated!
$ cat key.file.1 key.file.2 key.file.3 > key.file.new $ md5sum key.file.new key.file to check. Matt -- #!/usr/bin/perl $A='A';while(print+($A.=(grep{($A=~/(...).{78}$/)[0]eq$_}" A A A " =~m{(...)}g)?"A":" ")=~/([ A])$/){if(!(++$l%80)){print"\n";sleep 1}}