International characters

Bo Rosén
Sun Sep 16 10:58:01 2001

mĺn 2001-09-10 klockan 14.00 skrev Bo Rosén:

No one?
An example of my problem

[brosen@delirium tmp]$ gpgv --keyring pubring.gpg gpa-0.4.1.tar.gz.sig 
gpgv: Signerades tor  5 apr 2001 16.21.26 CEST med hj?lp av DSA-nyckeln
med ID 621CC013
gpgv: Korrekt signatur fr?n "Werner Koch <>"
gpgv: Notation: remark=I have not checked the source.  It is just the
current CVS version


> Is there any way to get international, Swedish in my case, characters to
> display properly instead of getting those question marks, in the
> comments from gnupg?
> Please CC me as I'm not on the list.