skipjack.c in contrib/do-not-use/

Len Sassaman
Tue Sep 18 09:32:02 2001

On 18 Sep 2001, Roland E. Lipovits wrote:

> Hi,
> Could anybody give me a pointer to the reason why the module
> skipjack.c is in a directory called "do-not-use"?
Because you aren't supposed to use it. (Oh, did you mean "Why aren't we supposed to use this module?") skipjack isn't part of OpenPGP, first of all. Secondly, it's a weak cipher developed by the NSA to provide an algorithm that could support key escrow. (Though there were weaknesses discovered, that the NSA wasn't aware of, after it was released.) I have no idea why anyone would ever want to use it. -- Len Sassaman Security Architect | "I must play their game, of Technology Consultant | not seeing I see the game." | | --R .D. Laing