signing + mailing lists

David Champion
Wed Sep 19 20:26:05 2001

On 2001.09.19, in <>,
	"Nick Andriash" <> wrote:

> I almost forgot to mention that the majority of Mail Clients out there
> cannot handle PGP/MIME, so your signatures comes as attachments that can
> be annoying to a lot of people. Is there any way you can turn PGP/MIME
> off when signing ML Postings?
I'd argue that if you believe that signing all your list mail serves the purpose of encouraging signed messaging, a superior way of life, then using PGP/MIME signing rather than "old-school" signing serves the analogous purpose of encouraging a superior form of signing, and should be equally respected. A lot of mail clients still don't cope with *any* pgp signing format, but that doesn't stop you from using one. Why should Mailer X's not supporting PGP/MIME stop people from using that style? Interoperability, you say? S/MIME, I reply. -- -D. NSIT University of Chicago