Using keyservers

Fri Sep 21 00:47:01 2001

Hi Fabian,
     On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, at 08:48:18 [GMT -0400] you wrote:

> I'd like to have an example of using gpg with keyservers. I have
> been unable to update/retrieve keys from gpg command line. I have
> tried direct command line, the options file, etc. and I always get
> this:
C:\GNUPG>>gpg --send-keys <keyidhere>
> gpg: write failed: ec=87
> gpg: can't connect to `': No such file or directory

> I tried using different keyservers that all work with the GUI
> versgion of PGPi, but I keep getting the same.

> Any ideas ?
I take it that you're using Win2k? This is a known problem that GOK's when will be fixed since this is a Windows and not UNIX/Linux issue. -- -= allie°M =- PGPKey ID: 0x6D703897 Public Key: __