Mutt/GnuPG doc initial release

Alexander Skwar
Mon Sep 24 19:03:01 2001

So sprach =BBJanusz A. Urbanowicz=AB am 2001-09-24 um 13:44:47 +0200 :

> Len Sassaman wrote/napisa?[a]/schrieb:
> > Frankly, it's poor netiquette to post PGP/MIME messages to mailing list=
> > for one,
> Why?
Because normally it's not that terribly important to see from which person a mail orginated. You know, I don't know you, so even if your mail would have been signed, it wouldn't mean more to me. Also Werner's mails to this list wouldn't mean more to me if they were signed, because he's also just a stranger. So, it doesn't add anything which means that it's unneeded and thus poor netiquette. Alexander Skwar --=20 How to quote: (german) (english) Homepage: | - Die g=FCnstige Art an Linux Distributionen zu kommen Uptime: 1 day 7 hours 0 minutes