AW: Mutt and old-style encrypted and signed messages

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Tue Sep 25 08:36:01 2001

> Many of you who use Mutt will no doubt be aware that it takes the=20
> OpenPGP/MIME route to message encryption. Fine. I have no problem =
> that, since that is the way it should be. But how do I configure Mutt
> so that it will also automatically invoke GnuPG to decrypt/verify
> old-style messages received? At the present time, if I receive such a
> message, I have to save the message to a file and manually run "gpg"
> to be able to read the contents.
If you're only concerned about reading, that works fairly well by = piping the message through gpg from within mutt (I forget the hot key,=20 possibly "|"?) Replying, however, is a pain in the nether regions.=20 =20
> A related question is: if I know my recipient requires the old-style
> format, how do I tell Mutt to encrypt using the old-style and not use
> multi-part MIME?
A workaround for this might be to use a pipe command in your editor = while editing the message. Still, I as well would appreciate some hint on how to get mutt to=20 alternatively handle in-line PGP. Tsch=FC=DF, Ralf