problem with GPA on Win32

Joerg Hartmann
Tue Sep 25 15:59:01 2001


i  downloaded the gnupg/gpa couple from wich comes with=20
gnupg 1.0.4=20
So i tried to upgrade this to gnupg 1.0.6 which should just be to change=20
two files (gpg.exe and
But unfortuantly this does not work :(
After the "update" i tried to create a key, but i got an error message
"invalid number of fields in GPG colon output" .
This message was shown 4 times.
Now gpa does not start anymore. There is a message which says
it is shut down because somethings went wrong.

In german "Die Anwendung wurde aufgrund eines ung=FCltigen Vorgangs=20

Is such an Update impossible ?  Or can i find a newer version of
gpa for Win32 somewhere ?

Joerg Hartmann
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