Mutt/GnuPG doc initial release

Owen Blacker
Tue Sep 25 21:47:01 2001

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Horacio wrote (2001-09-25 T 21:15 +0200):

> So I should disable one feature in my MUA (it is not PGP or GPG that
> is configured to verify automatically) because some people just do
> not want to make a fair and rational use of digital signatures.
So I should disable part of the way I communicate electronically and not avail myself of one of the advantages of cryptography because some people just don't wish to ~request~ the validation of signatures and insist on doing them all automatically? I do think that authenticating everything I say is fair an rational. Further, it makes a point to people who don't know much about cryptography, that maybe they should do.
> Ok, just hope you get the same type of responses to your problems
> through life, as you just deserve them.
We could phrase inflammatory questions at each other for a very long time. Personally, I have better things to do, I would assume you probably do too. I don't really think there's any other option here than agree to disagree, in silence.
> > > I see, meaning you don=B4t give a monkey=B4s ass whether it=B4s
> > > a bother for subscribers or not???
> >
> > Frankly, no I don't. Let me restate, I firmly believe that
> > all mail should be signed. I also believe that all mail
> > should be encrypted, irrespective of how secret people want
> > to keep the contents. I militantly believe that ~all~
> > communications should be encrypted. Then messages that are
> > won't look out of place. The only problem is that it's a
> > lot more hassle persuading everyone I know to install gpg
> > in order to read my mails...
> See, some people firmly believe that all persons should be straight.
> They are on their own right. But they would be wrong if they went
> trying to impose those beliefs in any way whatsoever to those who
> are different or think different.
But I'm not imposing anything on anyone. You're trying to impose on me that I can't sign every mail I send, because you don't want to wait a couple of seconds for my signature to validate. Again, we can phrase these questions in as inflammatory a fashion as you like. I don't think either of us is being particularly constructive on this matter by discussing it further -- we disagree on a fundamental point and neither of us is likely to persuade the other.
> If you really want to advocate crypto on mail, you could do things
> like adding your fingerprint at the bottom of messages after your
> non-digital sig, or a page explaing why it should always be used and
> a pointer to that page at the bottom of your messages.
But neither of these performs the function of a digital signature. Part of the reason I sign almost every mail I send is to avail myself of that functionality.
> > > You know, it=B4s like all those annoying vcards, or those
> > > long signatures with ascii-disart included. They are not
> > > big deal, but they are not good nettiquete either.
> >
> > I disagree that it is like those at all. And, tbh, I'm not
> > sure that I'd find a small vCard attachment an annoyance,
> > or Ascii art, for that matter, but I don't use them because
> > it's accepted netiquette. I just don't feel that digital
> > signatures are the same thing.
> Alright. I can=B4t say more about this if your rule for measuring is
> that of acceptance.
Again, you're verging on the inflammatory. I made two points here, firstly that I think it's an unfair comparison and secondly that, as it happens, I don't find the things you mentioned an annoyance. THe first was more objective than the second, which was intended to be subjective opinion.
> > > > Imho, of course :o)
> > >
> > > Of course, iyho.
> >
> > Which is where I think the difference lies. If that's the
> > case, we may as well stop now, as I don't think either of
> > us is likely to persuade the other :o)
> Right so.

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