Twofish algorithm

Werner Koch
Wed Sep 26 09:18:01 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:56:23 -0500, Smith, Jeffrey J said:

> Also, I notice in the FAQ, 7.7 and 7.8, that the preferences can be
> changed with "setpref" and "updpref" when a key is being edited.
Oops. Should not be in the FAQ yet - these commands are currently only available in the development snapshots ( - better do not use the snapshots for real work. The next snapshot should be out in a few days but it has a lot of changes so it also be used for testing only. Werner -- Werner Koch Omnis enim res, quae dando non deficit, dum habetur g10 Code GmbH et non datur, nondum habetur, quomodo habenda est. Privacy Solutions -- Augustinus