Mutt/GnuPG doc initial release

Fri Sep 28 16:55:01 2001

On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 11:33:58AM +0100, Owen Blacker wrote:

> > A car horn is meant to be used for warning against and
> > accident. Yet, many people make an abusive use of it. I
> > hate that. But, does it mean that I should cover my ears
> > to avoid hearing it? Being able to hearing the horn when
> > a car is bumping into me is far more important.
> Of course. Thought surely you must also recognise our
> right to ignore your complaints and decide that you're
> complaining about nothing.
And I do. As I am sure you do recognize my right to reject anything I dislike in life, no matter how insensitive this may be for anyone. You do not have to respect me nor my feelings or beliefs, that=B4s seems to be your right. Good, because I do not have to respect you nor your feelings or beliefs.
> > I know that I=B4m left no choice but to put up with it, but
> > at least I have the right to complain about some people=B4s
> > bad mannered and uncivilized behaviour. Obviously,
> > neither you nor Owen will think it is uncivilized (ok,
> > now I=B4m back to signatures here), since you seem to enjoy
> > it. Perhaps uncivilized is a word fit for the example,
> > but not for the abuse of digital signatures... let=B4s just
> > say bad mannered and selfish.
> I'm sure there will be other people who agree with you but
> haven't bothered saying so, but I feel I must point out
> that I have signed almost every email I have sent in the
> last three years and you are the ~only~ person to have
> complained. Ever.
This is a list which deals with the use of a cryptographic process in many aspects, one of them being the use of digital signatures on electronic mail. Therefore it is understandable that people here will use them on this list. Which does not mean that is useful for every message posted here. But it is an exception list, not a rule for every ml.
> Does that make me selfish or you oversensitive? :o)
Read above. As for the rest, it seems pointless to keep discussing this issue any further. I can=B4t stop you excersizing your rights and you can=B4t stop me excersizing mine, eventhough they clash clearly. --=20 Horacio