Getting emacs to automatically de/en crypt files
Fri Sep 28 21:06:02 2001

I've seen lots of posts (on other lists) about getting emacs to
automatically encrypt and descrypt files just like it deals with
compressed files. Lots of these posts detail how folks have been
struggling with crypt++ and gpg. I know the latest version of crypt
contains fixes for gpg, but I haven't been able to get to work either.

So far I've managed to get it to work some of the time. That is, using
crypt++ and gpg I can always encrypt a file OK, but when I try to open
an encrypted file I often get an empty buffer which has the name of
the encrypted file.

I was hoping to reach someone out there who has actually succeeded in
getting emacs to reliably read and write encrypted files using gpg
and would be willing to explain how its done.

Thanks much!