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Lars Hecking lhecking@nmrc.ie
Sat Sep 29 17:30:01 2001

> Why should Deutsche Post be forced to accept any email? They can
> bounce messages as they please, as long as they follow established
> practices (apparently, they didn't).
IMHO this case is different. Operational measuers, such as blocking spammers, viruses, or DoS attacks are fine. But blocking encryption is not operational, in fact, contrary to their notice it decreases security. It infringes on civil rights. What's the point of discussing government policies about strong crytography and possible restrictions thereof if it is really so simple to prevent people from using cryptography (in a convenient way) for communication? I repeat, this must not be allowed to happen. One would think that telecom and network operators knew better, but maybe they are under pressure by misguided (or ultra right-wing) politicians.