Restrictions / Commercial Use?

Alfred M. Szmidt
Mon Apr 1 21:45:01 2002

* Greg Strong writes:
> In article <>, Werner Koch wrote:
>> GPGShell is a proprietary software not related to GnuPG, the GPL or
>> the FSF.  It just happens that GPGShell uses GnuPG as a backend.
>> This is similar to run the proprietary ORACLE DB on GNU/Linux.

> Understood.  The intent of my initial inquiry is to determine any
> restrictions when using GnuPG backend and a frontend that makes more
> user friendly.  From what I could determine on website for GPGShell,
>, there are NO restrictions
> with GPGShell.

It has restrictions. One can't study it or modify it which are
two of the four freedoms when one speaks about about Free Software [1].

GPGShell may be free as in free beer, but not free as in freedom.


Alfred M. Szmidt