using gpg

Rasoul Hajikhani
Wed Apr 3 13:54:03 2002

Hello folks,
I have just hit a major malfunction and I was hoping that someone might
be able to help me. I am writing a web based interface to encrypt,
decrypt user's passphrases and save them into a database. I have no
problem generating, and encrypting a passphrase. The problem arises when
I try to decrypt a saved passphrase. Encryption of passphrase is done
like this:

--homedir $home --output $tempFile --no-comment --no-version --armor
--encrypt $recipient $phraseFile

where $recipient is : -r $ So everyone has an
encrypted passphrase using their own uid. The result is saved into the
Groups' passphrase encryption is done using the admin as --recipient

My problem arises when I try to decrypt a user's saved passphrase. Here
is the steps that I take:
	1- retrieve passphrase
	2- Save into .gpg file
	3- call --homedir $home --decrypt $encryptFile through open3()
	The code looks like this:
	# This is actual code in perl
	push (@$commands,"--homedir $home --decrypt $encryptFile");
       	# Execute user defined routine
	# open3($fin, $fout, $ferr,"$self->{GPGExec} $cmd") || return
	 my $result              = $self->Execute($commands,FIN,FOUT,FERR);

        # this passes in the passphrase
        print FIN "$passPhrase\n";

        # this closes the communication channel,
        # indicating we are done
        close FIN;

        my @error_output        = <FERR>;    # reading the error
        my @plaintext           = <FOUT>;   # reading the output

        # clean up...
        close FOUT;
        close FERR;
If i did the same command on the command line, everything is dandy and
fine, file is actually decrypted, but when using open3() and through the
apache thread, nothing works.
The error, if that is at all error, is:

errors: gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!

I am hoping someone who has done this kind of stuff in an application,
could help me find out what I am doing wrong. I appreciate all the
comments/help that I can get.
Thanks in advance