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Douglas Calvert
Wed Apr 3 13:55:05 2002

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 Drew Streib of the keyanalyze project has set up a mailing list for
people to coordinate formal and informal keysignings. I have included
the announcement:

Announcing a new mailing list:

The keysignings list has been started to give a place where people
can announce intended and desired keysignings and key signature
exchanges. It was created for people that are interested in expanding
their personal webs of trust.

I expect most of the list traffic to be:
  * People announcing travel to a city, and asking if anyone locally
    is interested in meeting and exchanging signatures.
  * Announcments of planned keysignings at LUGs, conventions, etc.
  * _Some_ discussion about the mechanics of keysignings.
  * Specific queries for anyone needing a particular trust path.
  * Anything else directly related to expanding one's web of trust
    through digital signature exchanges.

List information is at:

Like most lists on, keysignings will be mildly monitored
to keep things vaguely on topic. List posting is restricted to list=20
members in order to reduce spam. If you're interested in this list,
you may also be interested in others at Feel free to=20
take a look.

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