Key Type & Size / Multiple Email Accounts / Key Server Questions

Greg Strong
Thu Apr 4 00:46:01 2002

In article <>, David Shaw wrote:
> You actually have another possibility which is an RSA key.
> As to which to pick, it depends on the use.  ElGamal signatures are
> somewhat controversial (they're hard to get right), and so may not be
> widely supported in the future.

I plan on using GnuPG.  Unless I missed something RSA was NOT an option.

> This document, while slightly out of date, is fantastic on the subject:

Using GnuPG reading these threads and your reference I would say a 
primary key type of DSA to sign at maximum size of 1024, and a key type 
of ElGamal to encrypt with a size of 4096.  It sounds like I may run into 
some problems with the ElGamal which I understand is a derivative of DH. 
Thanks for the info!

Greg Strong

Win98  Wed, 03 Apr 2002 16:15 CST