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Wed Apr 10 05:24:01 2002

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>Assuming GPG's hash is sound: If a passphrase consists of _truly_ random
>characters from, say, a set of 64 printable characters such as the ones
>used for Base64 encoding, then each character contributes log_2(64) ==
>6 bits to the entropy of the passphrase.  So a 22-character passphrase
>using this approach represents 132 bits of entropy; thus at this point
>the passphrase is not the weak link in a 128 bit cryptosystem.

Sorry, as a non-technical user, I'm still at a loss. 

A scenario:

1. you have my private key but not my passphrase
2. my passphrase is:
(or something similar)
3. my key size is 1024
4. you have a message encrypted with my public key

Which is easier:

A. crack my passphrase (brute force?) to get to my private key or
B. attack the message itself, ignoring the private key?

What if my key size is 2048? 4096?

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