1024 or 2048??

Leigh S. Jones kr6x@kr6x.com
Thu Apr 11 16:12:01 2002

The 2048-bit key offers more security, but in a practical sense it
depends on just who is doing the snooping.  A 16 bit key will
keep your secrets safe from your wife.  A 512-bit key will give most
people certainty that the key will not be factored by your
employer in this decade.  A 1024-bit key will keep your credit card
relatively safe from crime for the next few years.  But, fly a
jetliner into a building in New York and you can bet that 4096 bits
will not keep your messages safe.

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> Hi all,
> I posted this qn b4 and i am sorry abt this MIME format and all that
in the
> prev mail. And so i am posting it again.
> Will using a 2048  bit key offer more security than a 1024 bit key..
or is
> it not going to make any difference??
> Jaya
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