Confidential Business Proposal

Nicholas Dickens
Fri Apr 12 14:42:02 2002

Dear All

Please, please, please don't anyone reply to this it's a load of rubbish
and smacks of social engineering. These things are amongst a long list
of old hacker/cracker tricks to gain access to your machine.

If this is not the case I will apologise but I have seen so many people
duped by these in the past, and besides this is a technical mailing list
and is not the place for advertisements.



Nicholas Dickens BSc ARCS

On 4/12/02 4:48 AM, "" <> wrote:

>                               BUSINESS PROPOSAL
> I am a member of the financial sector of my country Kuwait. My country
> is interested in the purchase of a large quantity of some
> products which I understand your company can assist us procure.
> But oweing to a tight governmental restriction from the office of the
> Crown Prince and the Prime Minister,Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem
> Sabah, against the prolific and indiscriminate issuance of huge
> contracts to foreign companies and individuals who do not queue for
> such priviledged consideration, I am hereby proposing to you if you
> could supply us the goods quite confidentially via a neutral company
> established abroad which has already won the contractor favour status
> accordingly. Note that if you are willing to assist me and cooperate
> with me, it would have to be done confidentially without my fellow
> colleagues knowing the original source of the supply. You would be
> cash before you supply the goods.
> Kindly be informed at this initial stage that the sole purpose of my
> concern in this transaction is based on the fact that all prices for
> the product you are to supply, must be overin-voiced by 30% from the
> original price you would tender. The government would pay, but the 30%
> would serve as a compensation to me and some relevant officers who
> would assist in the approval of the contract payment to you. You would
> also be compensated for your assistance.Is this arrangement
> If it is, then please kindly contact me via email immediately so that
> we would resume
> immediate discussion on how to commence transaction. Also furnish me
> with your DIRECT PRIVATE TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBERS for a more private
> discussion over this issue.
> I awaite your swift response.
> Best Regards.
> Abdul Abubakar
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