Confidential Business Proposal

Steve Butler
Fri Apr 12 16:29:01 2002

Sure, sure!  You probably also want the bank account number in order to make
deposits (err, withdrawls) on a timely basis.
Looks like the abuse address was shut down!

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Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 4:49 AM
Subject: Confidential Business Proposal

                                BUSINESS PROPOSAL

I am a member of the financial sector of my country Kuwait. My country
is interested in the purchase of a large quantity of some international
products which I understand your company can assist us procure.
 But oweing to a tight governmental restriction from the office of the
Crown Prince and the Prime Minister,Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem Al
Sabah, against the prolific and indiscriminate issuance of huge
contracts to foreign companies and individuals who do not queue for
such priviledged consideration, I am hereby proposing to you if you
could supply us the goods quite confidentially via a neutral company
established abroad which has already won the contractor favour status
accordingly. Note that if you are willing to assist me and cooperate
with me, it would have to be done confidentially without my fellow
colleagues knowing the original source of the supply. You would be paid
cash before you supply the goods.
Kindly be informed at this initial stage that the sole purpose of my
concern in this transaction is based on the fact that all prices for
the product you are to supply, must be overin-voiced by 30% from the
original price you would tender. The government would pay, but the 30%
would serve as a compensation to me and some relevant officers who
would assist in the approval of the contract payment to you. You would
also be compensated for your assistance.Is this arrangement attainable?
If it is, then please kindly contact me via email immediately so that
we would resume
immediate discussion on how to commence transaction. Also furnish me
discussion over this issue.
I awaite your swift response.
 Best Regards.
Abdul Abubakar

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