1024 or 2048??

Ryan Malayter rmalayter@bai.org
Tue Apr 16 19:43:02 2002

Bruce Schneier's most recent Crypto-Gram newsletter gives and interesting
insight on this subject. See:

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Michael Anckaert <manckaert@belgacom.net> writes:

> if they really want to get to your data, they can break a 4096 bits
> key in about 7-8 months. But they wont do that unless you're a
> really big guy named osamma... After all it will take all their
> resources they have to break in such a short time span.

huh?  do you know something we don't know, or are you just
speculating?  If you are, where did the 7-8 month timeframe come from?

Josh Huber

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