Encrypting in a directory

Alan Frank alf@matchups.com
Tue Apr 16 23:26:01 2002

In Windows, first put your passphrase in a file, say passphrase.txt.
Then (all on one line, and caution: I have not tested this),
   for %i in (*.* ) do gpg --passphrase-fd 0 -o gpg\%i --symmetric %i <
The DOS for command will execute a line for multiple files, substituting
the filename for %i throughout.
The --passphrase-fd 0 will read the passphrase from standard input, which
is redirected later with < .
-o sets the output file to a subdirectory (which you should create first)
so that the for command will not attempt to call gpg for the newly-created
.gpg files

I'm confident that Linux/Unix, etc. have a similar command, but due to the
exigencies of employment, I'm not as familiar with them as with MSW.

--Alan Frank

Edmund Lindmayer wrote:

> I want to encrypt a all files in a directory with gpg --symmetric in a
> single pass.  Is this possible, and how to do it?