Importing gnupg secret keys into pgp

Werner Koch
Thu Apr 18 15:19:02 2002

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002 12:35:16 +0100, Nicholas Dickens said:

> way to get messages signed is to use pgp. But I can't seem to import my
> secret keys into it. Any ideas (or places to look), pgp to gnupg is
> pretty well covered...

Either set the passphrase using GnuPG to empty, export, import to pgp
and set the passphrase again (for both copies of the secring?).  

Or better:

  gpg --s2k-cipher CAST5 --edit your_key_id

and change the passphrase ("passwd") (you can use the same) so that
CAST5 gets used as the cipher algorithm.  Most versions of GnuPG use
Blowfish which is not supported by PGP.