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Sun Apr 21 10:35:01 2002

Hello David,

On Sat, 20 Apr 2002 22:01:33 -0600 GMT your local time,
which was 21.04.2002, 06:01 (GMT+0200) where I live, you wrote:


> i can find sites
> about it, but nowhere with instructions on the steps i go through
> to do so. 


I guess you are using Windows as your MUA is "Microsoft Outlook
Express 5.50.4133.2400". In this case try There is an
English translation of how to install GnuPG and a Windows-Frontend.

If you are going to use PGP (Ver 6.5.x) you may want to look at where an English tutorial on PGP is published
(It was written for TheBat!-Users, but it is useful for others as

I remember another good site, but that is written in German, so I'm not
sure whether this is of any help.


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Tutorial for using PGP with TheBat!
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