tar, gzip etc. in Windows [was: Re: Encrypt a whole directory in a single pass]

Sebastian Kumos seb@wr.home.pl
Mon Apr 22 11:07:02 2002

Hi All,

I installed Cygwin from Red Hat on my Windows machine
and got bash + other shells and loads of unix utilities
re-compiled for Win, including tar, gzip and bzip2.
They have no file name limitations and work excellent!
I also copied some exe files I needed plus appropriate
DLL libs to another Win installation in order to use
them as a 'raw' environment for simple operations on
files like archiving, generating MD5 sums, copying,
splitting, etc. They work fast & nice from the DOS command
line.The files I generate are handled without problems in
various unices.
Try this if you need more flexibility in Windows.

BTW, has anyone tried compiling gnupg under Cygwin?
I can't try this at the moment.