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Jason Harris
Mon Apr 22 22:11:02 2002

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On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 07:21:16AM -0400, Kroening, David wrote:
> This doens't seem to be a running webserver.
> dk

You are the only one who continues to have problems, so I can only
conclude that it is a problem on your end.  I routinely access the
site with three different browsers on FreeBSD.  Try accessing it
directly at:

Beyond that, you'll have to have some professionals on your end get
involved.  I'm using a free hosting service, so there isn't much
else I can do.  Sorry.

(BTW, the sooner you quit using M$ products, the better off you
will be.  :)  Heck, your mailer doesn't even maintain threading,
making it harder for people to find the original message.  I think
I added the correct header (manually) to reenable threading, though...)

Is anyone else having problems accessing the site?

> The keyserver list at:
> has been updated again.  The keyserver has been down for a while

Jason Harris

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