Revocation problem with keyserver

Volker Gaibler
Tue Apr 23 04:13:01 2002


I wanted to change my encryption subkey and therefore revoke my old
subkey. I read the hints given in earlier questions but it doesn't 
work. GPG doesn't accept my public key being imported for revocation
as Steve Butler wrote on Thu, 7 Mar 2002. I get the following
error message:

  gpg: requesting key 86ECAC0B from ...
  gpg: key 86ECAC0B: no valid user IDs
  gpg: this may be caused by a missing self-signature
  gpg: Total number processed: 1
  gpg:           w/o user IDs: 1

But the key on the keyserver was created by GPG 1.0.6 and so is
self-signed by default. (my key id is 86ECAC0B) 

Trying to add the new subkey to the keyserver via gpg --send-key
results in an ok message but the key on the keyserver is not updated.
Adding via web interface shows

  Key block in add request contained no new
  keys, userid's, or signatures.
  Your key block contained 1 format errors,
  which were treated as if the erroneous elements
  hadn't been part of your submission.
  The last error was on key 0xa82a9e56:
  Key block corrupt: more than one signature on subkey

Can this be a keyserver problem or am I doing something awfully wrong?

Thanks in advance.

 Volker Gaibler                                 contact:         
 OpenPGP key: 0x86ECAC0B