keyserver access on Win2k

Timo Schulz
Thu Apr 25 16:42:06 2002

On Thu Apr 25 2002; 07:17, Leigh S. Jones wrote:

> I was having trouble making gpg for W32 talk to keyservers on both
> winnt and win2k.  Probably would have had the same problem on
> win9x.  Linux worked fine.  It's probably a protocol problem.  You

This problem only occures on WNT/W2K machines, with W9X it works.
We used the newer Winsock library (V2) but it doesn't seem that this
solved the problem. But we're working on a solution for NT based
operating systems.

>  Worked it out when I let WinPT take over for me calling gpg and 
> suddenly there were keyservers that worked...

WinPT does *not* call GPG for keyserver requests. It has its own code 
for talking to HKP keyservers. That is why it also works on WNT/W2K.