using the same key from PGP and GPG

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
Fri Apr 26 18:02:01 2002

Here's the promised options file (the one that I've 
been using to allow keys and encrypted/signed 
data to interoperate with PGP 7.03. Clearly there
are some alternate choices -- you might use 
cipher-algo CAST5 in lieu of 3DES, or
s2k-digest-algo MD5 in lieu of SHA1, etc., and
still be able to interoperate with PGP.

compress-algo 1
cipher-algo 3des
s2k-cipher-algo 3des 
s2k-digest-algo SHA1 

These won't work with the earlier versions of PGP
(<= 5), where the --rfc1991 option must be set instead
of openpgp and --force-v3-sigs.  There were really
a lot of different versions of PGP with different 
requirements.  There is information on some web
sites I've seen that is helpful with older versions of 
PGP, and some information in the gpg distribution
tar file that is also informative.  And, again, you'll 
probably need to encrypt to something other than 
idea in PGP (unless you're outside of the US where 
the American idea patent isn't in effect and have 
equipped your gpg with the idea plug-in) -- a good 
suggestion would be CAST -- and in windows you'd 
set this under <Options>(from the tray menu) 
<Advanced>(tab) <Encryption: Preferred