Error while trying to encrypt

Bart Martens
Tue Apr 30 01:38:01 2002

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 04:38:55PM -0400, Anthony E. Greene wrote:
> On 29-Apr-2002/16:16 -0400, "Nelson, Andy" <NelsonA@Budd.ThyssenKrupp.Com> wrote:
> >Receiving the following error when trying to encrypt a file with someone's
> >public key
> [snip]
> That just means that you have not signed the key [...]

That is not entirely correct. A missing trust path is not the same as
missing your signature on the key.

> If you're sure of who a key belongs to, then sign it.

Correct. More precisely, if you are 100% sure. :-)

> If not, then don't
> and GPG will ask you each time if you're sure you want to use a key that
> you're not sure about.

Not entirely correct. You don't have to sign the key. A trust path is

> If you don't care who any key belongs to, then you can add "always-trust"
> to your options file or "--always-trust" to the command line.

I would not recommend the use of that option in this context, and not to
beginning gpg users.

Bart Martens