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Douglas F. Calvert
Tue Apr 30 04:38:01 2002

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 Two great resources for improving your web of trust have appeared on
the net lately. There is a website similar to debians key signing page
and a mailing list for announcing key signing availability. The web page
is best for letting others know that you live in city, state, country
and are always available for signings. The mailing list is very helpful
for announcing a travel plan to a certain city and finding out if anyone
is interested. There is a certain bit of overlap for both resources but
the mailing list is very low volume so i recommend signing up for both.=20


Mailing List:

Also check out any decent computer conference. There will be two fairly
large key signings in ottawa this summer, one for and
one for debian conf2. Any usenix conference always has a key signing bof
and most computer security conferences will have something too.=20

Once finals are over I will put up a good resource for all of these
questions at:

I will also put an entry in the FAQ for these questions. I am just
waiting for access, but werner is busy getting 1.0.7 out the door so I
am just waiting for things to cool down for him before I bother him.
Plus, (most importantly) I don't have the time right now to do anything
that i would be happy with...

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