problem about the system clock

safd asfdaf
Tue Apr 30 08:00:01 2002

hello all,

 after i ceate a key at my server i find that my system clock has fast 
several hours.
after i have adjusted my system clock i find that when i edit my key , it 
display this:

gpg: DBG: updating area of type 101
gpg: key has been created 28640 seconds in future (time warp or clock 
gpg: key DFE71A56.59: created in future (time warp or clock problem)
pub  1024D/DFE71A56  created: 2002-04-30 expires: never      trust: -/?
sub  2048g/AEDC37CE  created: 2002-04-30 expires: never     
(1)  tAng jUn (con) <> (INSECURE!)

so i deleted the directory .gnupg at my home and re-create my key, but 
after i'v
created my key , when list the keys , it still display INSECURE!, 

.gnupg@natd1#gpg --list-keys
pub  1024D/51DBEEF5 2002-04-30 tAng jUn (con) <> 
sub  2048g/39787B95 2002-04-30                                          

who can help me? thanks a lot. 

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