import public keys generated with PGP 7.0.3

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
Tue Apr 30 19:40:02 2002

I've been successful importing both public and private keys from
PGP6 and PGP7 including 7.0.3 into gnupg 1.0.6 for some time
now.  My first suggestion is to set the preferred encryption
algorithm within PGP <Options><Advanced> to "CAST", perhaps
this might have to be done before creating your key (I'm not sure
of this) but certainly before exporting.  Export the key from
PGP-Keys by highlighting it and selecting <Keys><Export>.
Save file as type ASCII (*.asc).  If you need to export the private
key, check the appropriate box.

When you get the key into gpg, you may have to trim off some
user ID "images" with the command gpg --edit-key 0x########
before the keys will be usable.  It's usually a good idea to remove
any user ID's you are not going to use as well, if there are multiple
IDs on the key.  WinPT seems to have a little trouble with extra
user ID's.  See the gpg man pages for info on using the --edit-key
command.  At least in 1.0.6 you started the --edit-key mode, then
selected a user ID number by typing "uid 2" or similar, then
performed a delete operation by typing "deluid".

Looks like my first "make" operation of gpg-1.0.7 was successful
on Sun Solaris 2.5 (sparc) with gpg and gnu make.  Now to test
the new release.

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> On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Ricardo SIGNES wrote:
> > First, to echo a previous replier, congratulations!  I am very happy
> > with GnuPG, and it looks like this version has made huge leaps.
> I was hoping that 1.0.7 would be able to import public keys generated with
> PGP 7.0.3. How do I do that, I really need to be able to do this? :-(
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