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Martin Bretschneider martin.bretschneider@gmx.de
Thu Aug 1 20:41:02 2002

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Hi *,

I use GnuPG 1.0.7 on Debian/Linux. I have three uids:

Martin Bretschneider <bretschneider@janus-consultXXX.de>
Martin Bretschneider <martin@bretschneiderXXX.de>
Martin Bretschneider <martin.bretschnXXX@gmx.de>

I added the first one recently and it appears now everywhere as the
"first" uid in gpa, sylpheed, gpg --list-keys etc. GnuPG seems to sort
them in alphabetical order.

Is there a possibility to put - let's say the "second" uid - as the
"first" one?

TIA and kind regards from Martin

ps.: the XXXs are there due to possible spam bots
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