Installing GNUPG 1.0.7 to windows

Greg Strong Greg Strong <>
Fri Aug 2 20:25:06 2002

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Hello Joel,

Friday, August 2, 2002, 10:50:03 AM, you wrote:

JKP> Any idea when someone will post a pre-compiled 1.0.7 win32 binary on
JKP> the website?

If you are referring to official GnuPG's website, to my knowledge probably
never on 1.0.7. The reason is a newer version has already been compiled for
version 1.1.90 at (2.4M)

and a diff against 1.0.7:

I don't believe this is disclosed on the official website at GnuPG because
from what I here they are working on version 1.2. This could have changed,
since I last looked which is some time ago. As I understand odd version
numbers are development with even being more stable versions. I am using the
pre-compiled version of 1.1.90 without problems with GPGShell 2.45 on Win98.
If that is the route you want to go thought you might be interested in that

There are different flavors of 1.0.7 available at

Anyway thanks for the info.  Hopefully when I get some priorities in line
someday I will be able to compile my own.  Thanks again.

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