AW: Compiling 1.0.7 on Cygwin

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Tue Aug 6 10:32:02 2002

> Has anyone got any further (with or without Cygwin)?

As a matter of fact, yes. I doubt that I use the latest
Cygwin, and I don't know how to determine the environment
As far as I recall, I just did ./configure and make 
(later: I just tried again and had to set the RANLIB variable
to "ranlib" as autodetection failed. Otherwise everything
went smoothly, at least for gpg.exe. Make fails in directory
po after gpg.exe is done).

The resulting gpg.exe seems to work OK in most respects,
except that winpt fails when trying to cache the keyring.
Still, I don't trust that build with my primary secret 
keys ;-)

Maybe you're missing some development package in your
Cygwin installation?