john clark
Wed Aug 7 08:56:01 2002

1) Yo David, is there any good reason for this RSA/Elg

pub  4096R/99242560 2002-01-28 David M. Shaw
sub  2048g/1643B926 2002-01-28 [expires: 2012-01-26]

2) In importing a large batch of pubkeys contained in
one file, how
can you choose which of the keys you want and discard
the others?
Like a "confirm import user foo? [y/n] ... " prompt
thingie on every
pubkey slated to be imported. Without resorting to a
frontend, that

3) I'm just curious on this one. Is there a way that
the short form
of the key id as exemplified by the string
`0x48888458' be generated
again? How do you generate user/key ids BTW? Is there
a "randomness"
applied to it somewhere?

4) Lastly, I think PGP implements key generation
nicely in a way that
it shows you the percentage of random bytes needed
then stops you
when it reaches 100%. It's not that whatever feature
PGP has I tend
to look for in GnuPG, but I just think that this
particular feature
is quite neat :) On second thought, I'm just musing.
Scrap this idea.

	- jed