Entropy Sourse in Win2K (Re: Compile gnuog 1.0.7 in Win2000)

Ryan Malayter rmalayter@bai.org
Wed Aug 7 19:16:02 2002

Windows does have a good system source for entropy in CryptoAPI, with a
fast/slow pool much like the Yarrow generator designed by Counterpane.
However, the RNG sections of CryptoAPI are closed source, vaguely
documented, and therefore not used by GnuPG.=20

As Werner mentioned in a pervious message on this list, the default
GnuPG file-based system (with interrupts and performance counters as
entropy sources) works just fine on Windows, and is known to be fairly
secure, so why switch to something else?

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disastry@saiknes.lv wrote:

> (IIRC "--enable-static-rnd=3Degd" is very bad idea (on windows))

I'm confused

 From the web site I understood that Windows did not have a good source=20
fo entropy and that egd would be a good choice. However gpg says that=20
it's insecure. What should I be doing? (I build under Cygwin)


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