How to split up gpg data into multiple volumes?

Ben Escoto
Thu Aug 8 01:09:01 2002

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Hi, can anyone here tell me how to split a large amount of gpg data
into multiple files so that individual volumes can be read separately?
Here are a couple of options for discussion's sake:

1.  Stream in and out of a gpg process.  Split the output up at the
    appropriate intervals and save it.  This is what I'm doing now.
    It works, but is it possible to read one volume without starting
    from the beginning?

2.  Keep streaming data into a gpg process until its output surpasses
    a certain volume size (say 50MB).  Then close that process, and
    make the next volume using a new gpg process.  This way each
    volume can be decrypted individually.

    But is there a security risk here?  The volumes will all be
    slightly different sizes, and it seems that other people can infer
    stuff about the data from the volume sizes.

3.  The ideal way:  I encrypt each file separately, and when I near
    the volume limit, I tell gpg to "round" the data out, so it
    produces a file of exactly the required length.  Can this be done?

So is there a "right" way to split gpg data up into volumes?  If it
matters, I trying to encrypt tar files.  Thanks for any insight.

Ben Escoto

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