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On 08-Aug-2002/23:40 +0100, Graham <> wrote:
>Consequently, GnuPG, which is part of the 
>OpenSource movement and follows its philosophy,

The Free Software Foundation actually owns the copyright to GnuPG, making
it part of the Free Software movement. Philisophically, Free Software is
distinct from Open Source, even though there is a lot of overlap in the
overall concepts and in the licenses used.

For the purposes of end users, they are functionally the same. Anyone
seeking to incorporate the code in their own project might see differences
between the GPL and some Open Source licenses.

  Free Software Foundation <>

  Open Source Initiative <>

   The Free Software Foundation has contributed so much to the
   Free Software and Open Source movements, that I recommend
   that any Linux user consider making a small donation to the
   FSF. The FSF is a non-profit organization, so donations may
   be tax-deductible for U.S. tax payers.

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