Detached signature on multiple files?

Greg Strong Greg Strong <>
Sat Aug 10 23:28:02 2002

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Hello GnuPG,

What configuration is necessary to create detached signature files for
multiple files when they all have the same file extension?

In the GPG FAQ.txt file I believe this is somewhat covered in section
4.14, "How can I use GnuPG in an automated environment?"

So I created a separate option file in GPGShell with another set of key
rings.  I have the option set in GPGShell pointing to both the new
public & secret key rings. I removed the password on the only key on
this special key ring just for auto signing.

Now when I run the command "gpg --batch -sb *.doc" from a Win98 DOS box,
gpg doesn't ask for the password, but it only signs 1 of 4 files that
meet the *.doc syntax.

Is GPG capable of signing multiple files with 1 command from a DOS box
in Win98?

If yes, what configuration is necessary?

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