Detached signature on multiple files?

Jason Harris
Sun Aug 11 19:14:02 2002

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On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 12:24:30PM -0400, Anthony E. Greene wrote:

> On 10-Aug-2002/16:29 -0500, Greg Strong <> wrote:
> >Now when I run the command "gpg --batch -sb *.doc" from a Win98 DOS box,
> >gpg doesn't ask for the password, but it only signs 1 of 4 files that
> >meet the *.doc syntax.
> >
> >Is GPG capable of signing multiple files with 1 command from a DOS box
> >in Win98?
> No. You have to run gpg once for each file. You can use a batch file with
> a FOR loop. You can do this on the command line in a *nix shell.
> for docfile in `ls *.doc`; do gpg --detach-sign $docfile; done

I wrote a Perl script (for Unix) to verify and sign pages on my website.
Beware that it doesn't lock memory pages to keep the passphrase from
being swapped to disk.

Find the signature here:

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