Mutt 1.4i and gpg (GnuPG) 1.0.7

David Scribner
Wed Aug 14 18:09:01 2002

Since that's the combination I use (Mutt and gpg), I'll send you
in a separate email the muttrc, personal, macros and pgp files I
use to give you something to work from. The personal, macros and
pgp files are to be located in the ~/.mutt/ directory, and the
muttrc is kept in ~/ and renamed to .muttrc.

There will be a few edits necessary to personalize them for your
needs, but I keep them fairly well commented so you shouldn't
have any problems.



--- Eugen Leitl <> wrote:
> I'm switching from pine. Does anyone have a sane .muttrc and
> .gpg/options
> I could use with above (fairly bleeding edge) versions?
> TIA,
> -- Eugen* Leitl <a href="">leitl</a>
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