checking signatures in shell scripts

Joseph Shraibman
Wed Aug 14 22:38:02 2002

OK I'm writing a shell script using --status-fd. I'm getting the line:
[GNUPG:] GOODSIG 7601B0BFBEF180FD Joseph Shraibman <>

gpg --list-keys gives me:
pub  1024D/BEF180FD 2002-08-14 Joseph Shraibman <>
sub  2048g/1C77F7D2 2002-08-14

So how, in general, can I match up the GOODSIG to a particular key?  I can use VALIDSIG 
because it gives the fingerprint but fingerprints are longer and unwieldy to pass around 
(and I have to take out the spaces before comparing).

Frank Tobin wrote:
> Joseph Shraibman, on 2002-08-14, wrote:
>>Is there any way to tell gpg when decrypting to require a certain
>>signature?  It looks to me like I'm going to have to capture the stderr
>>and pattern match on the "Good signature from ..."
> Use the --status-fd option for exacting information.

Joseph Shraibman
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