Detached signature on multiple files?

Greg Strong Greg Strong <>
Thu Aug 15 02:20:02 2002

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Hello David,

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, at 17:11:29 [GMT -0400] your time you wrote in

DS> nuPG can do multiple detached signatures without any shell magic.

DS>   gpg -b *.doc

DS> I don't have a windows box in front of me, but it should work the
DS> same way there.  I believe the problem you were having was using
DS> "-sb" to sign, and not just plain "-b".

What I did was create a separate public & secret key ring. In GPGShell I
created a separate options file which points the new key rings. I
imported the public & secret key I wanted to use to sign multiple files
into the new public public & secret key rings. I then removed the
password completely. For good measure I save the GnuPG preferences in
GPGkeys, then I exited GPGtray & GPGkeys of GPGshell. I started GPGtray
& GPGkeys again. I opened up a DOS box on Win98. I changed directories
to where the multiple files are located to which I want signatures for
each *.doc file. I ran the command:

gpg -b *.doc

Of the 5 doc files only the last was signed with the above command. So
do you see anything wrong with what I did that prevented multiple

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