Detached signature on multiple files?

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Thu Aug 15 20:44:03 2002

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Hello Ryan,

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, at 10:36:52 [GMT -0500] your time you wrote in

RM> Not hardly... The equivalent Windows NT/2000 syntax would be:

RM>    FOR %f IN (*.doc) DO gpg --detach-sign %f

This works but asks for passphrase each time.

When I export both public & secret key to another public & secret key
ring. I also remove the passphrase on the key.  I then create a new
option file for GPGshell which points to new public & secret key rings,
then select the new option file, the above command works fine (i.e.
signs multiple files).

RM> Of course, you might want to pass your passphrase automatically to
RM> gpg using a pipe, like so:    FOR %f IN (*.txt) DO echo
                                    should be  doc?
RM> passphrase|gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --detach-sign %f

This would be nice because I wouldn't have to remove passphrase & create
separate key rings. The command never asked for my passphrase. When
using a pipe doesn't the program have to ask for passphrase once. I am
on Win98, so is this command compatible with Win98? If no and on Win2k
wouldn't I still have to provide passphrase at least once?

RM> This works when typed directly on the command line, but for some
RM> reason, you have you use double for percent signs in front of the
RM> variable name in a windows batch file.

No problem but I need to get working on command line first. According to file:

       --passphrase-fd n
                 Read  the  passphrase from file descriptor n. If
                 you use 0 for n, the  passphrase  will  be  read
                 from  stdin.     This  can  only be used if only
                 one passphrase  is  supplied.   Don't  use  this
                 option if you can avoid it.

I am no programmer but do enjoy learning, so my question is what is
stdin? Is this some temporary file on Win2k or NT machine where the
passphrase is stored?


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